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Hello. I'm Samuel Hodgkins. I'm some random person from Britain that isn't particularly interesting or special but I do have some interests. There's - usually with or another *nix (and some interest in ), - such as or and sometimes . I have a rarely updated site that mostly serves as a blog but is also a wiki. I like Toad from Mario and this is shown in my custom avatar.

Elsewhere someone used JSLinux to run an old Windows application run in the browser. Result:

So, reading about how PAM may need root was a bit weird given how I had setup something that contradicted this, but it turns out there was a setgid binary (unix_chkpwd) lurking behind the curtain.

So yesterday I obtained additional non-SD storage for my (specifically a pi3). The first store had 16GB stick for Β£9.99, so I looked for a better deal. Another store had 32GB for slightly less than that, but alas it was out-of-stock but not marked as such, so instead I took the alternative of 2x16GB sticks for a little over Β£10. As a result I'm now unsure if I should have a 32G stripe or a 16GB redundant mirror...

Well, looks like enabling query stats requires a DB restart, and given that the DB here is still on major version 10 perhaps I should take the opportunity and kill two birds with one stone.

I'm going to rejig my profile a little after all those previous updates...

Final update to 2.9.3 is completed. Now I'm going to take a closer look at the release notes instead of concentrating on the upgrade instructions.

Up to 2.7.0, and the tutorial that came with that release looked good, even if I had no use for it.

'-> Migrated 3693000 rows (~113.73%, -1:46 remaining, DO NOT interrupt)' I know it's an estimate, but it's always a little weird to see percentages over 100% in that context.

Right, 2.7.0 looks like a good choice for the second step of the upgrade process...

bad habit of the day: using incognito tabs in because I have lots of regular tabs. this bites me in the ass when the inevitable crash happens.

Right, I'm not insane enough to go straight to the most recent release. The 2.5.0 release notes make that a good first step, after taking the advised database dump.

So when I read about bitcoin falling recently It reminded me I had $40 or so in leftover Bitcoin. I decided to send most of it to @SDF to get ARPA membership (even though I probably won't use most of the features it provides) because I felt like it. Remaining part (assuming no issues with the former) is going to the internet archive.

problem: it would seem the gateway host I used before to get to the shell of the container running mastodon is down. Or has a new IP.

Well, it's been almost a year but I think either now or shortly will be a good time to get back onto the whole thing. I guess I have quite a few updates to do!

I looked at the dependencies for the thing that's mentioned in 's need for . It's not surprising that while the runtime dependencies are reasonable, the full set of 'dev' dependencies breaks the four-digit marker.

(I did the answer as a separate toot: it's Firefox, which as of 63/64 now needs it for the build process.)

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Great, it's apparently a dependency of 63. Guess I'll have to keep it.

So I'm doing a @world update on and it wants to install nodejs. I don't know why, so it's time to find out.

Took a random look at the licenses for the SkyHD box. Apparently as of 2016 it includes 'file management software'. Wonder what that is.

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