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Let's do a quick or ( )

Hello. I'm Samuel Hodgkins. I'm some random person from Britain that isn't particularly interesting or special but I do have some interests. There's - usually with or another *nix (and some interest in ), - such as or and sometimes . I have a rarely updated site that mostly serves as a blog but is also a wiki. I like Toad from Mario and this is shown in my custom avatar.

Right, so recently I started actually visiting , despite my numerous disagreements with it for multiple reasons. So that I don't need their web client or their so-called "desktop" client I guess I should setup bitlbee.

so here's the record so far. Cloudflare has taken down:

daily stormer - because the CEO woke up cranky - because CF wanted to protest being made liable under SESTA/FOSTA - for "interfering with their abuse reporting mechanisms"

is it weird that i'd be interested in but as a tiling rather than floating WM?

State of my watched 2 world as of Jan 2000 (no crusade yet, that happened right after the screenshot was taken)

The border-gorey parts of Austria-Hungary declared independence as the Kingdom of Romania. In other news, the Ottoman Empire lost a Crusade - Greece now belongs to Sardinia-Piedmont, including Constantinople/Istanbul. Their empire seems to be in decline, especially in light of the recent successful independence revolt.

oh god austria-hungary and germany just split into independent realms. the border gore is *horrifying*

'oracle isn't total garbage though' this may make sense in context but it still on a level feels wrong to be saying

How many microservices does it take to turn on a lightbulb

never mind my ubuntu stratum has a too-old cmake

after a tricky start, compiling the high fidelity thing because why not

Oh for fuck's sake, OpenSSL. Just when I was starting to think they'd finally gotten their shit together

A teenager in Canada who downloaded several thousand public freedom-of-information requests records has been raided by police and accused of "stealing" private information

Let me explain NXDOMAIN hijacking:

Say for example, you mistype a domain in your browser's URL bar, normally it would give you 'name not found' or similar error message or depending on how smart your browser is, redirect to a user configured search engine.

With NXDOMAIN hijacking, that typo would result in you landing on a search page provided by your ISP with ads on it which they make money from.