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Samuel Hodgkins (samis)

What the fuck? My ISP globally blocked access to

IISc is asking students' for Aadhaar again. This time, it is for NAD (National Academic Depository) registration. Guess what, they have shared a public spreadsheet with 4000 students' details (name, dept, gender, caste/category, etc.), with a blank column for Aadhaar. They expect people to enter their Aadhaar IDs in this public spreadsheet! Such is the deplorable state of !india 's premier research institute.

gnu/linux live cds were soooo cool when all you knew was windows. booting into some weird fluxbox environment with a bunch of stuff you had no clue how to use. hell yeah

so, in it's 1453 - time to convert the game to Europa Universalis IV.

After I destroyed it, someone else has created the Kingdom of Iraq. They're a 7 year-old Irish Orthodox boy )

The King of half of Wales just conquered the Kingdom of Bavaria due to having a claim. The border gore is terrible.

surprisingly that was not the problem. The problem was that something had stuck 'option rotate' in /etc/resolv.conf, which broke resolution for my internal private domain.

why does my VPS's nsswitch.conf have [NOTFOUND=return] next to mdns? since when is *that* authoritative

Sigh, one of the repo mirrors is down. This makes an upgrade more annoying

Sigh. Guess I didn't properly fix the timesyncing issue.
also: is confused about if timesyncd is enabled or not.
timedatectl: 'systemd-timesyncd.service active: no'
systemctl: 'Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/systemd-timesyncd.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)'

so I moved pi3 to other plug so I can troubleshoot why the wifi didn't come up.
Of course after doing this both wifi and ethernet came up on the first try.

...why have I never had the idea to add dropbear and ssh to my 3's mkinitcpio-generated initramfs.

So the Rise of the Shia event just happened to the Mongols. I reacted by plotting (and eventually succeeding) the murder of the event-generated Caliph.

best part of making malware is whenever you accident-

oh, the Rise of the Shia just happened. In 1437.

today's CK2 thing: the 6-year-old King of Germany is somehow a Known Murderer.
'Matt Mayberry, who works at a California startup called Dopamine Labs, says it's common knowledge in the industry that Instagram exploits this craving by strategically withholding "likes" from certain users. If the photo-sharing app decides you need to use the service more often, it'll show only a fraction of the likes you've received on a given post at first, hoping you'll be disappointed with your haul and check back again in a minute or two.'
This is terribly wrong.

so while doing some maintenance on a server, the hg-git mirroring service I use for my blag tells me it's broken. I sign in to view the error and: ' The process cannot access the file 'C:\GitHgMirror\Repos\5\570-12689119' because it is being used by another process.'
Guess I'll wait a day or two before attempting to fix it or contact them.