@DC7IA The council has relatively little direct power over members, it cannot make binding directives unlike the EU institutions
@DC7IA My dream project:

1. Renationalize railways (privatizing them was a huge mistake from the beginning)

2. Introduce tax-funded public transportation, with personal tickets being free at point of use

3. Unify the nationalized railways under a single EU institution, like happened with national banks for the Euro (forming the ECB)
@DC7IA Problems with this approach:

1. How to handle pricing and income generated from cargo transport (countries are very resistant to EU-wide accounting for various reasons)

2. How to get the Swiss and Norwegians to finally join the EU instead of keeping their "we want to be special" rules

@elomatreb @DC7IA 3. how to get the neolibs who run literally every single large country in the EU to even hear the world nationalization and not run screaming

@wxcafe @DC7IA At least in Germany people are starting to realize how much of a fuckup the Deutsche Bahn privatization was (it's making huge losses, has terrible service, and a massive backlog of necessary infrastructure modernization). It's also still completely owned by the state (indirectly through the KfW state investment bank), so renationalizing isn't as huge a task as in other countries

@elomatreb @DC7IA @wxcafe

even the UK's rail infrastructure (if not all the train companies) got renationalised and every so often a UK train company fails and *does* get run by the DfT even if only temporarily..

Also in Luxembourg telecom services still come from the PTT which is owned by the govt (ironically in one of the richest countries in the EU, if not a large one), so there are ways of doing this without breaking any EU legislation..


@vfrmedia @elomatreb @DC7IA @wxcafe and the privatised rail companies are in many cases at least partially state-owned, just by foreign states.

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