I think I saw @bhtooefr and @calvin use the term "exodus" a few times and I think I discovered what it meant. It wasn't about a mass migration to mastodon, but a migration to a new, similar-but-unrelated-and-incompatible platform?

@coryw @bhtooefr I think it's the general zeitgeist in that section of twitter - of which some people want to take advantage of this new situation; and some (read: us) are promoting Mastodon instead.

@calvin @bhtooefr *cliks reply all* there's a specific person trying to build an actual thing. twitter.com/AdrianCJax

Granted, the whole "omg jack follows bad people" - is that even new or did someone just comb through his follow list in detail?

@coryw @bhtooefr I think boofer would fill you in on that. It's just one of many things that causes that section of Twitter to express dissatisfaction - the question is, will they actually move over to /something/?

@calvin @bhtooefr well like, I know gravis isn't moving, for a few different reasons, chief among them being essentially the perception that masto's a weird internet libertarian fever dream and that the different technical features may or may not "do anything" -- whether the new feeling (and, I feel that the "feeling" of twitter not caring is newer) will change that, IDK. I of course can't find the thread because twitter search is awful.

@coryw @bhtooefr and gl considering how high-volume is feed is!

I think for a while there have been a big feeling that OSS/federated/etc services like these are for dingus nerds (hey look, that's us!) - but maybe the recent discontent in SHT twitter is bringing up the ideas that maybe centralized services, let alone Twitter, aren't good.

Of course, it's the problem of both getting here and dealing with its flaws. boofer says (and I agree) that once a critical mass comes, the rest will follow.


@calvin @coryw @bhtooefr mastodon.social/@Gargron/98987 I came across exodus via this Mastodon thread. Something about that response comes off...wrong.

@samis @calvin @bhtooefr The attitude seems to be "I can write a web app too, and make it like twitter but not be twitter" which gravislizard sort of addressed as being against the point of twitter, something mastodon fixes by being interconnected. (I mean, we're having this 4-person threadconvo across three servers, like email but faster.)

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