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A forgotten part of the 1990s is how homicidally scared adults were of any child that could use a computer.


in my country (UK) this paranoia went right up to Unversity level, even if you *were* studying electronics/computer science (of course rather counterproductive) - Brits now wonder how/why a generation slippped back in in depth tech knowledge from the 1990s (in spite of Internet/online culture) until recently when the RPi went into production)

@samis @rotatingskull @LilFluff they (well the profs at my uni) really did *not* like students using the Internet for external traffic, especially to newsgroups and the WWW server (only one around then at, and especially not those who bypassed local blocks by manuallly routing data to UCL and via BT to TU München (apparently I'd set off some kind of alarm at BT Tower doing this due to amount of data used/"foreign" web traffic)