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Ever wanted an Urban Dictionary-like site for #coding, #hacking, and general #tech terms?

Me either. But someone made it and it's really cool, despite having a few bugs to iron out.

@tindall What about the Jargon File? Or has that become outdated?

@grainloom It's still the canonical source for a lot of terms, but it doesn't really get updated and thus doesn't have all the (many, many) Agile Software Development associated terms, new frameworks and libraries, security terms, etc

@tindall Well, at least it doesn't use JS to load basic text. 🤷
(I seriously can't imagine a valid reason why that hackterms site should use JS. It's a dictionary. By definition it is text focused.)

@grainloom @tindall The modern Jargon File also has the flaw that it's been solely edited for several decades by an asshole. I fully support somebody else taking over that work, even if their tech isn't great at first.

@jamey @grainloom @tindall a shirt that Matthew Garrett was selling at one point: "ESR stole my cultural heritage"